Sister University Project :  Building Ties between the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the National University of East Timor  

(and more generally ties between U.S. and Timorese educational institutions and affiliates)

The chair of the Institute for Environmental Studies signed on short notice onto the pre-proposal which was submitted on Oct. 7th.  On October 28th we will learn if we got into the next (full proposal) round .  This is a long range project;  while it would be nice to get matching funding from somewhere and letters of support from the National University in East Timor and elsewhere by October 28th, better later than never .

Here is the pre-proposal  cover sheet, body and budget :  
Cover (  
MS Word ; pdf ), Body ( MS Word ; pdf ), Budget ( MS Excel ; pdf ).     Raw Text of  cover, body and budget  
 Please send comments to Mike Iltis          For proposal guidelines see
Here is an additional cover letter emphasizing the biodiversity, island biogeography and mathematical ecology of East Timor:  island biogeography cover MS Word   text