Welcome to aideasttimor.org, the website of Madison's East Timor activism community. We're a network of projects working together in solidarity with the people of Timor Loro Sae.

This site contains three major sections:
Madison-Ainaro Sister City Alliance: A project to promote awareness, solidarity and cultural exchange between Madison and the East Timor city of Ainaro.
Medical Aid for East Timor: Working to provide much-needed medicines, equipment, vaccines and other medical supplies.
East Timor -- History and News: Important background on the 24-year occupation, as well as current events.
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News and Events

The Ainaro Lia-Foun is Now Online!

The newsletter of the Madison-Ainaro Sister City Alliance is now available for online viewing. In this issue, read about last summer's delegation, and find out about various solidarity projects.

2005 MASA Delegation Returns

The 2005 delegation of the Madison-Ainaro Sister City Alliance returned in early August, bringing back excellent stories and lots of pictures (and a little tiny bit of video footage).

Stay tuned for articles, events, and (perhaps) audio from Timor Loro Sa'e. We'll be doing some report-back events, so check back soon for a schedule.

(The picture at right is MASA member Diane Farsetta posing before Arte Moris, a magnificent artistic/cultural community in Dili. See the full-sized image here.)

The East Timor Action Network/Madison meets on the
1st and 3rd Thursday night of each month (7:00 PM)
at Mother Fool's Coffeehouse.

Please contact us to find out more or volunteer your help: 

Madison ETAN
c/o Eric S. Piotrowski
1217 Spaight St.
Madison, WI 53704


(608) 244-4563

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